The Sinking of the TitanicThe Mystery of the ThresherWhat Happen at TMIThe Explosion aboard the SultanaStructural Failure aboard Flight 243Official Report of the Estonia Ferry SinkingThe Last Flight of the Challenger

Since the beginning of the industrial age, mankind has perpetually impressed itself by its accomplishments. As is typical with human nature, this has led to severe self-absorption by TECHNOLOGICAL ARROGANCE. Practically every time mankind has proclaimed to have conquered Nature,
Nature swiftly, surely and most times dramatically reminds us how delicate and fragile our "Greatest Technological Accomplishments" really are.

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Important Aloha Flight 243 Information

  • Failure of Boeing's "Safe Decompression" Design Philosophy Leads to the Inflight Failure of Aloha Airlines Flight 243 Upper Fuselage

  • RMS TITANIC Sinks due to brittle cracking caused by cold water operation of steel hull plates.

  • RMS TITANIC Sinks due to brittle cracking of steel hull plates caused by cold water operation of ship below ductile to brittle transition temperature of steel.

  • Three Mile Island
  • The Event Recorder Printout during the Three Mile Island Incident.

  • Boiler explosion onboard Mississippi River Steamboat
  • Boiler Explosion on a Mississippi River Steamboat kills 1238 Union POWs.

  • USS Thresher lost at sea
  • Nuclear Submarine The USS Thresher lost at sea.

  • Boiler Explosion onboard the USS Bennington at San Diego on July 21, 1905
  • Boiler Explosion onboard the USS Bennington at San Diego on July 21, 1905 kills 62 seamen.

  • Boiler Explosions

    1. The Brockton Boiler Explosion
    2. The Lynn Boiler Explosion


    1. Locomotive Boiler Explosion AT&SF RR, Canadian, Texas April 1, 1951
    2. KC135 Air National Guard Aircraft Fails Pressure Test
    3. MD-80 Crashes the Gate
    4. Explosion of 22 Foot Long DOT Nitrogen Cylinder
    5. MIG In Flames Over Europe
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